We first want to thank everyone for continued support in LIKI BRAND!
These are hard times and we are all making it through with positivity in all things. This notification is to alert all our wonderful customers about the possibility of order delays due to covid19.

We have managed to move some of our manufacturing to MX, EU, and USA. 
And due to this adjustment, some items will take longer in production than usual therefore resulting in a delay.

Here are the time frames we are looking at for items ordered:
  • Face Masks: 1-5 business days before delivery
  • Neck Gaiters/Headbands: 8-15 business days before delivery
  • Apparel (Leggings, Hats, Hoodies, etc): 21-26 business days before delivery
  • Flip Flops: 7-10 business days before delivery 

If you have any questions please be sure to contact our customer service department at

Again we appreciate your support and thank you for choosing LIKI BRAND!