(pronounced LIKE-E)


LIKI BRAND , a contemporary urban fashion clothing line, was founded in 2020 in Central Texas and is dedicated to providing its customers with unique styles that are convenient, fun, and fashionable. It is our mission to provide beautiful yet affordable, environmentally sustainable fashion that is community-focused and encourages fun & positivity. We are inspired to create a culture of our own, by using the freedom of expression through fashion. The mood is free-spirited and positive, however at times can shift to be edgy, rebellious, rough, and fun! Overall the brand reflects that fun and free spirit lurking within us all. 

Our goal is to pass along this freedom of feeling to our community through fashion culture. Our name speaks for itself, because no one can say LIKI without smiling. Don't hesitate to try it! 



October 2023 -
Invited and attended Walmart Open Call 2023, part of the selected final 1500 suppliers! 

 During the past few months we have begun to roll out our own unique collections of apparel and accessories! 

As we grow, we plan to feature our own unique collection of apparel and accessories.

At times we will feature clothing from brands all over the world that represent a variety of styles from streetwear to casual contemporary. 

Being a startup from the heart of Texas, we are passionately developing ways to create creative job opportunities & provide donations to support our local community's economy and creative minds. 


As part of our commitment to the environment and the care of our world, for every purchase made from our store, we offer our customers the opportunity to join us in supporting American Forests and ASPCA. Customers can choose for us to donate $1 to American Forests or ASPCA at no additional cost to them. 

Look for the donation button on the product page to participate after adding
your product to cart. 

American Forests ASPCA



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