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Fashion with a Purpose: LIKI BRAND Combats Deforestation One Scrunchie at a Time in Central Texas

Satin Scrunchies | LIKI BRAND

Central Texas, [November 11, 2023] - In a significant step towards fashion sustainability, LIKI BRAND, a Central Texas-based business, has launched a new line of eco-friendly accessories: Handmade Satin and Bamboo Scrunchies. This launch not only marks a milestone in local eco-conscious fashion but also strengthens LIKI BRAND's commitment to environmental stewardship.

The newly introduced scrunchies, made from the finest Charmeuse Satin fabric and coming soon in bamboo, are not just a testament to the LIKI BRAND's dedication to quality and elegance but also to its environmental responsibilities. Crafted with care, each handmade piece is designed to reduce hair friction, minimize breakage, and add a touch of sophistication to any style.

Beautiful Satin Scrunchies | $3.99




LIKI BRAND's commitment to sustainability is further exemplified through its made-to-order business model, ensuring minimal waste and a purposeful approach to production. This initiative aligns with the LIKI BRAND's mission to positively impact the planet, one scrunchie at a time.

In a statement from CEO, Denise S., who was featured in Texas Appeal Magazine: Women in Business, the passion for environmental care is clear: 

"Our environment nurtures us, and it's only right that we nurture it in return. Whether it's planting trees, minimizing waste, or educating ourselves on eco-friendly practices, every small step counts. Our business is dedicated to contributing positively, however small, to a brighter world. This initiative allows us to express our gratitude for the environment that sustains us all by supporting our local community and giving back to global environmental efforts."

With the ambitious goal of raising $15,000, that means LIKI BRAND is on a journey to sell 15,000 scrunchies in the Central Texas area! This amazing initiative is not only promoting sustainable fashion but also supporting a vital environmental cause. For each scrunchie order sold on their website (, LIKI BRAND has pledged to donate $1 to American Forests, an organization dedicated to forest conservation and creating healthy and resilient forests across the country.

To further its commitment to transparency, LIKI BRAND will provide updates on the donations made to American Forests, available for viewing on its website on the charity tracking page here: 

This initiative not only celebrates the unique craftsmanship of Central Texas but also encourages community members to make environmentally conscious fashion choices.

As the holiday season approaches, LIKI BRAND invites the Central Texas community to join in this fashionable journey towards a greener future!

With free shipping offered to all residents in the Central Texas Area ( Killeen, Fort Cavazos, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Temple, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Ft. Worth) for online scrunchie orders, there's never been a better time to support local business and global sustainability efforts!


LIKI BRAND, a contemporary urban fashion clothing line, was founded in 2020 in Central Texas and is dedicated to providing its customers with unique styles that are convenient, fun, and fashionable. It is our mission to provide beautiful yet affordable, environmentally sustainable fashion that is community-focused and encourages fun & positivity. Committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, LIKI BRAND plans to combine style with a mission to positively impact the planet.

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